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Altitude (vocal)


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The Standard License is non-exclusive, non-transferable and give you synchronization (synch) rights to use Song Tent / Fit Beat music after purchase for Websites (streaming videos / media), videos, films, documentaries, animations, presentations, slide-shows, music on hold and background music in bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.  Your 1 year license term begins the date of purchase of your selected song(s).  You must renew your license if you wish to continue using the selected song(s) beyond your 1 year term or upgrade to “extended license” so that your license never expires again.

2. EXTENDED LICENSE – Never Expires (Perpetuity) 

In addition to the uses authorized by the standard license and set for a term that never expires (perpetuity), this license allows for Song Tent / Fit Beat music to be used for: Internet Advertising and Local TV/Radio advertising, in public, for software, video Games, applications, CD, DVD or other physical support. Films destined for public screening or broadcast during public entertainment events for which an entrance fee is paid such as shows, concerts, plays, etc.

3. BUY OUT LICENSE – Unlimited Use without restrictions

If you produce a multitude of videos or media projects, you may want to opt for a “buy out” license which grants you non-exclusive synchronization rights to use a selected song or songs for as many projects as you wish without limits or restrictions.  Use the same song(s) over and over without ever re-licensing or renewing.  This buy out license is in full perpetuity from the date of purchase.

NOTE: Be sure to read our full terms & conditions before purchasing your license and receiving your audio master.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.