YOUTUBE MUSIC LICENSE, Only 99 cents each!

Youtube Music License for Video:  $0.99 each!

Youtube Music you can legally use for your workout video!

YOUTUBE MUSIC LICENSEFit Beat Music has lots of amazing original EDM cardio workout fitness mixes available in non-stop DJ mixed digital download albums.  You can find those albums here.

We have many amateur or beginning instructors who wish to create their own online workout videos, hosted on youtube.  Additionally, we have many of our professional clients (who produce high end workout videos) who simply need music for their youtube promo videos.

For that reason, our production team decided to release special compilations containing songs that can be used for your youtube videos LEGALLY and for only 99 cents each!  Or get the entire album and use a full mix!


Feel The Beat has 3 complete non-stop mixes (broken into individual songs and when put together, create a non-stop seamless mix).

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Top 50 EDM Beats (by DJ Brian Howe) is a compilation of the best songs from our catalog.  Each song is full length (not blended or mixed into the next song).

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IMPORTANT!!  This offer is for youtube videos only.  Not to be used for any other streaming media platform.